"Mimi Schell....one of the most gifted composers and singers Hamburg has to offer. An evening with her music will take you up and down through all the emotions your heart can bear. "

- Anri Coza, South African Songwriter



++Heliodor, derived from the Greek “gift of the sun” – a lemon-yellow gemstone++

Welcome to HELIODOR - a pop/folktronica concept album about love and all its various facets: romantic, dangerous, fragile, rebellious, utopian, twisted, universal and eternal. The love for each other and the love within us. 

In 2014, I boarded a six bunk carriage on a rattling night train with nothing but a backpack and my demo tapes. The destination was Paris. It would be the first of many times that I travelled from my hometown of Hamburg to Paris to meet Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star), power pop musician and producer. Ken and I worked on HELIODOR over the course of two years. It was a journey full of highs and lows, as exhilarating as only real life adventures can be. HELIODOR was recorded in the following cities: Paris (FR), Tours (FR), Hamburg (DE), Rotterdam (NL), Medford (MA, USA), Hannover (DE) and Cologne (DE). 

The album title appeared to me in my dreams. This album, which so many people believed in and worked on, now really seems like a manifestation of the sun’s gift to me. It is with gratitude that I think back to the electrifying days and sleep-deprived nights. I would wholeheartedly like to thank all the people who have lent me their creativity, support, inspiration and love to help create my first album the way you are experiencing it now. 

I am excited that you found Heliodor. Or maybe it found you? Let me accompany you on this journey. I hope you will enjoy diving into and exploring it. 

Love knows and conquers all, 

Mimi Schell

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Previous events

Mimi Schell & Band

Tofu Pop Festival, Lüneburg

Mimi Schell supporting "The Posies"

Monkeys, Barnerstraße 16, 22765 Hamburg

Hamburg, meine Perle! I am super exited and proud to support the legendary Posies, bringing new songs from my upcoming Album, which was produced by Ken Stringfellow. Ken himself will be my accompanist on piano and guitar!

Mimi Schell supporting "The Posies"

Monarch, Skalitzer Str. 134, 10999 Berlin

Founding member of The Posies, Ken Stringfellow, produced my upcoming album. And The Posies are in town all over Europe this spring with a brilliant new record. I am super exited and proud to present my own new songs to you in acoustic versions as their support. Sweet Berlin, a fabulous surprise accompanist will be on guitar.